Additional Resources

The resources below have been compiled for use in conjunction with The Orange Story. The material has been organized by chapter and includes links to relevant curricula, other resources, and discussion questions. These resources are intended primarily for general audiences and a wide range of grade levels, unless specified otherwise.

Historical Context of the Japanese American Incarceration

History of Anti-Asian Exclusion:

Wartime Media and Propaganda:

  • Densho's "Dig Deep: Media and the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During World War II" (Grades 9-12, version also available for grades 6-8) - This three-week lesson plan explores the impact of the media leading up to and during the Japanese American incarceration.
  • Densho's "Zoom In Activity" and Primary Source Exercise - This downloadable activity is a short PowerPoint presentation produced by Densho that prepares students for examining primary source documents (including an analysis activity of the Dr. Seuss illustration seen in Chapter 1). Instructions for this activity can be found here.
  • Media Literacy and Japanese American World War II Incarceration - This resource, by Densho and the Seattle Times, is a short, interactive flipbook that discusses how media coverage influenced popular perceptions of Japanese Americans at the time. An accompanying, in-depth teacher's guide for this resource can be found here.
  • Dorothea Lange - This Densho Encyclopedia article profiles photographer Dorothea Lange, who documented Japanese Americans as they prepared to leave for the incarceration camps. It can be used to explore issues such as a photographer's intent when creating specific images.
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