Additional Resources

The resources below have been compiled for use in conjunction with The Orange Story. The material has been organized by chapter and includes links to relevant curricula, other resources, and discussion questions. These resources are intended primarily for general audiences and a wide range of grade levels, unless specified otherwise.

Restrictions, Responses, & Resistance

Loss of Property and Livelihood:


Responses to Removal:



  • "A More Perfect Union: Court Cases" - This resource is part of a more comprehensive website maintained by the National Museum of American History. This specific section highlights the major Supreme Court cases related to Japanese American incarceration.
  • Minoru Yasui - Citizen Min - In this 1983 profile of Minoru Yasui conducted by NBC affiliate KUTV, Yasui reflects on his motivations for choosing to resist the curfews imposed on Japanese Americans.
  • "Fred Korematsu Fought Against Japanese Internment in the Supreme Court...and Lost" - This early 2017 article from focuses on Fred Korematsu and the case he brought to the Supreme Court. It reinforces the point that the legal precedent established in Korematsu v. United States has not been overturned and could be used again today.
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