Additional Resources

The resources below have been compiled for use in conjunction with The Orange Story. The material has been organized by chapter and includes links to relevant curricula, other resources, and discussion questions. These resources are intended primarily for general audiences and a wide range of grade levels, unless specified otherwise.

Tips for Educators

Educators who want to use The Orange Story in their classrooms have several options available to them. The website has been designed as a solo experience for a user to explore individually, but the film can also be viewed in its entirety if teachers prefer having students view it together.

The full film is 17 minutes in length, which should allow most educators to show the film in one class period and then have enough time to follow-up with related activities, resources, and in-class discussion. This option may appeal to educators who would like to use The Orange Story as an introduction to the Japanese American incarceration.

Alternatively, the division of the website and into chapters makes it convenient to explore The Orange Story more slowly, as its own curricular unit. Teachers who prefer this option can have their students go through one or more chapters of the website during a class period, then assign the remaining chapters as homework. For reference, watching the film and going through the online experience takes approximately one hour, depending on how quickly the user scrolls through the archival materials.

The resources below are intended to supplement The Orange Story web site. They are grouped by topic and align with The Orange Story chapter themes so that teachers can pick and choose which areas they would like to explore in more detail.

Learning Standards

As of July, 2017, The Orange Story can be used to fulfill state learning standards for the following states: