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The resources below have been compiled for use in conjunction with The Orange Story. The material has been organized by chapter and includes links to relevant curricula, other resources, and discussion questions. These resources are intended primarily for general audiences and a wide range of grade levels, unless specified otherwise.

Leaving for Camp

Preparing for Incarceration:

Patriotism and Loyalty:

  • A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans & the U.S. Constitution - This website, produced by the National Museum of American History, offers a broad overview of the Japanese American incarceration, with particular emphasis given to the topics of Japanese American loyalty and military service during World War II.
  • Courage During World War II (Grades 9-12) - This lesson plan, created by the Go For Broke National Education Center, encourages students to consider the various ways in which Japanese Americans and groups supportive of Japanese Americans displayed courage during World War II.
  • Japanese American Incarceration Through Primary Sources: The Diary of Stanley Hayami. This curriculum by the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) and the Smithsonian Museum of American History centers on a diary written by a teenager who left the Heart Mountain incarceration camp to join the military and was killed in combat.
  • Politics and Patriotism in Education - This short article by Joel Westheimer, professor of education at the University of Ottawa, explores how patriotism has been performed and taught in the U.S. It does not directly focus on Japanese American incarceration, but it can be used as a springboard for broader discussions of patriotism.

Geography of Incarceration:

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